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September 19, 2018  
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Do you have any questions?

How much does ExecPayroll cost?

ExecPayroll has a low, set monthly fee of £30.00/month + £3.30 per employee. Our typical client's cost is around £65/month.

What if I have more than one business?

Our pricing applies to each PAYE reference separately

We have weekly, and monthly payrolls is this still ok?

Yes, we can process payroll for weekly, monthly, aswell as quarterly payrolled employees

Will ExecPayroll report new employees to HMRC?

Yes, we will do this as part of the service to you. This will be done through RTI.

Can you help with any further questions that I may have?

As a client, you are free to contact us, and we aim to get back to you as soon as possible

I want like to switch payroll providers to ExecPayroll, what would that take?

We will work with you to work out the best strategy to transfer provider to us.

Can I export payroll data to my Accounts package?

Simply, just tell us what software package you use, and then we will provide an export file

Can you email electronic payslips to each individual employee?

Yes we can and you would save distribution costs

Whose responsible for paying over PAYE related taxes?

This is the responsibilty of the employer.

Automatic Enrolment

We will keep you compliant with workplace Auto Enrolment pension legislation. We can set your company up at your staging date and start automatically enrolling your workers into the qualifying scheme

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