Do you apply tax relief on your admin fee?

Yes we do, and this means that there is no need to add this to your expense claim.

Do you charge a setup fee?

No there is no setup fee!

What shall I do if I do not have a P45 form?

For whatever reason you are unable to supply us with a previous P45 form then we ask that you send us a completed P46 form. This can be downloaded from the HMRC website.

Holiday pay, tell me more?

Your enhanced rate that your agency or client pays out includes statutory holiday pay. We will show you this amount on each payslip.

Are the statutory benefits (SSP, OSPP, ASPP, SMP, SAP, etc) still available to me should I need them

Yes, as an employee of Execpayroll.com, you will be entitled to these benefits as and when the situation allows. You will receive any your rights as a normal employee within the UK.

I think that I have overpaid my PAYE taxes in a previous tax year, Can you sort arrange a rebate for

Yes, we can and have helped many people over the years with claiming rebates, just contact us for further details.

Will you charge me even if I am not working?

No, think of it like a PAYG service, in that you will charged an admin fee only when you are working.

If I use execpayroll.com umbrella services, would I be IR35 compliant?

Yes you would be IR35 compliant if you operate through our umbrella company

Does execpayroll.com provide a normal payroll service?

We are a payroll bureau in which we process payroll for many different companies who outsource to us.

When can I expect to receive my P60 by?

You should receive your P60 before the end of May

When can I expect to receive my P11 by?

You should receive your P11 before the July 6.

Can I receive part of my payment in the form of a dividend?

No because we will be paying you solely as an employee of execpayroll.com (the umbrella company)

What if my expenses are more than my earnings?

We will carried forward any expenses to your next pay and so on until they get used up

How do I go about claiming my expenses?

You need to send us all receipts that support all your expense claims so that we can approve them for payroll

I am a contractor, what does AWR (Agency Worker Regulations) mean to me?

It means that after 12 weeks of employment through us, you will have the same employment rights as a permanent employee doing the same job. You will get same level of holiday, and same level of pay amongst other benefits