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September 19, 2018  
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Our Fees

Our aim at execpayroll.com (your friendly and efficient payroll company) is that we payroll functions for your company.
Execpayroll.com will also takes care of the paper work and other administrative duties leaving you with one less hassle to worry about, and we will only charge you when you are working, so there is no charges between non payment periods.
There are no setup fees or leaving fees. With no tie-ins you can choose to use our services or not!
The industrial average umbrella fee is about hundredths a month, with our fee being much lower it is not difficult to make a decision to go with us!

Here is a brief summary of our fees to be paid to us on a monthly basis:

  1 TO 5   10.00   12.00   14.00
  6 TO 10   17.50   20.00   22.50
  11 TO 50   0.00   0.00   0.00
  51 +   0.00   0.00   0.00

Price examples:

1) My company just has 2 employees paid weekly. This will cost just £10

2) We have 15 employees paid weekly. This will cost £22.50 (that's 17.50 + 5 extra employes at £1 each)

3) We have 50 monthly paid workers. This will cost £107.50 (that's 17.50 + 40 extra employes at £1.50 each) + 20 extra employes at £1.25 each)

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